Static extension of point on XY coordinates. For example, Bezier curve. It can be used not only for the Point class in Flash, but also for Point types in various libraries.

Static methods

staticinline bezier (outputPoint:Point, rate:Float, points:Iterable<Point>):Void

Bernstein polynomial, which is the mathematical basis for B├ęzier curve

staticinline bezier2 (outputPoint:Point, rate:Float, from:Point, control:Point, to:Point):Void

Quadratic Bernstein polynomial

staticinline bezier3 (outputPoint:Point, rate:Float, from:Point, control1:Point, control2:Point, to:Point):Void

Cubic Bernstein polynomial

staticinline polyline (outputPoint:Point, rate:Float, points:Iterable<Point>):Void

staticinline uniformQuadraticBSpline (outputPoint:Point, rate:Float, points:Iterable<Point>):Void

Uniform Quadratic B-spline